Below are testimonials from people who have used my services:

Newsha is a rockstar organizer! We hired her for two different spaces: our garage and our business office. In both instances, she went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that everything was sorted, clean and sooo organized.  Her communication was fantastic and she was extremely effective with her time. We even asked her to coordinate selling some of the stuff we no longer needed, and that in itself ended up paying off her fees, plus we were left with extra cash! Hiring Simpli is a no-brainer and a win-win for everyone!
~Melanie & Justine Levenberg

Newsha has a great eye for detail and is amazing at organizing.  She’s professional, reliable & trustworthy.  She makes my life easier and less stressful  by getting things done that I never have the time to get to.
~Negar Adam

Newsha is the best! She’s an immense help, trust worthy, focused and efficient. I travel often for work, using Simpli allows me to be in two places at once!”
~Bradley George

“If you’ve ever wondered ‘how will I get all of this done?’, then Newsha needs to be more involved in your life. Her organization skills, ability to embrace challenges with ease, and commitment to her clients is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced. Newsha gets it done!”
~Mandy Gill 

“Hiring Newsha has been the best decision my family has ever made. I knew I needed to hire a personal assistant that could be flexible, kind, responsive, reactive and most importantly takes ownership. Since hiring Newsha she has helped more than I have ever imagined. I can truly say spending money to save time has helped reduce stress and increased my well-being. Don’t think twice before hiring her, I promise you’ll be happy with your decision.”
~Lisa Jackson

“Whenever I feel overwhelmed with various aspects of my life whether it’s in my relationship, work, or home, I take one step back and think of how Newsha could help me. Usually within 24-48 she manages to solve most of my problems.”
~Ali Adab

“I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did on my pantry. It is embarrassing to see how crazy messy and unorganized my pantry was. You are a miracle worker! It is unbelievable how much space I now have in my pantry! I don’t know how you were able to get everything back in and yet I still have more empty shelves left to use. Thanks to you I have a spacious pantry that not only looks beautiful but is so functional and practical. Your methods and organizational skills are to be admired for sure. Many thanks again for making my pantry look as fabulous as the rest of my kitchen!”
~Christina Chih 

“What an incredible experience. I got time back in my day and a lot more peace of mind. Newsha was incredibly professional and easy to work with. She redesigned and reorganized my closet spaces and took care of some of my long standing to-do list items. I was delighted with the result and would not hesitate to recommend her services!”
~Nicole Davidson

“Newsha and the team at SIMPLI have made a world of a difference. We can all get so busy and things pile up (have you seen my junk drawers??). With SIMPLI on demand, I not only have the chance to keep our house in order, it feels bigger and brighter. The stress level goes way down. Fast, friendly and professional. Newsha’s ability to organize to the highest degree, I can honestly say has made our house into a proper home. I’m so glad we can call on their service with a quick response and an amazing outcome every time. Highly highly recommend it!”
~Jonny Staub

“Newsha came into my life during a challenging period of transition: I was recovering from an injury while also managing a move and starting a new job.  Life was so hectic to say the least! I decided to enlist Newsha’s help with unpacking after the move, as I was simply too overwhelmed and exhausted to tackle it on my own. From the get-go she was supportive and understanding of my needs. She made herself available when it was convenient for me, and all I had to do was take off for a few hours and enjoy my night off.  I came back to an immaculately unpacked and organized apartment. To say she completely surpassed my expectations is an understatement: the work she did helped me get back on track and through the rough transitional period I was in. Thank you, Newsha!”
~Dana Fisher

“We had Newsha tackle our walk-in closet, She’s dramatically improved my early mornings with her organizational skills.  Plus her energy rocks.”
~Kid Carson

“Hiring Newsha has changed my life. We’re already generally tidy but Newsha takes it to a whole new level. This is a-list, celebrity home kinda organization. Our closets, kitchen drawers, under bathroom sinks – everything just makes so much more sense. The parts of my home that used to give me stress now actually bring me joy. Not only that, Newsha gets things done FAST. I feel at ease knowing I’ve always got her in my back pocket. Thank you Newsha!”
~Sofie Von Marricks Hung 

“I cannot say enough good things about Newsha and why everyone should use her. She is the Marie Kondo of Vancouver but probably better. Her kind and gentle nature, focus, approach and method is practical, rooted in creating the best experience for her client not only in that moment but for their life long after she has gone. She is seriously laser focused and dedicated to getting the job she promised to do done as fast as possible for you without sacrificing quality. It’s also incredibly helpful that she walks you through her plan and makes adjustments if needed based on personal preferences – and follows up after the fact with a couple more recommendations. Because you know you need that helpful reminder to keep things in check. Having my closet redone by Simpli has made my early mornings smoother and generally mine and my husband’s day-to-day better. (Less bickering over a messy closet is a huge win!) I’m inspired to maintain her magical organization and live functionally. In today’s day and age when everyone is so overly busy, there is nothing more important than gaining back some time for yourself, your business, your family, your health – whatever it is – you’re gaining valuable time. Think about all the stupid things you buy that don’t benefit you in any way. Hiring Simpli is quite simply money well spent. You won’t be disappointed.”
~Ishra Gill

“Newsha is a natural at organizing a space. It is part of her character. She loves order. So when it comes time to organizing your space, she doesn’t have to study it because it is in her DNA. In fact you hardly notice she is doing it. Once you agree that you do not need something it disappears from your sight and you never miss it. I was so thrilled with her work in my house. She set me off on a new trajectory towards order and simplicity.”
~Stephanie Lawton

“Newsha was incredibly helpful with the overhaul of my two storage units, and reorganizing my master bedroom closet. She was quick, efficient and very pleasant to be around! She made what felt like a daunting project feel effortless. She is amazing!”
~Carmen Telford

“I’m constantly traveling with work so managing unexpected issues that arise at home while I’m out of town can be a real challenge. Enter Newsha. She has literally ‘saved the day’ for me on more than one occasion. Not only is she incredibly trustworthy, professional, reliable and responsive, Newsha is a great person who truly cares and is committed to her clients. Hire her. ASAP. Seriously.”
~Dana Volrich

“My experience with Newsha was seriously life changing. she is professional, trusting and very reliable! my life now is feels stress free and more organized.! thank you thank you so much! you’re the best!”
~Samantha Lee

“Newsha is an extremely professional and talented organizer. She transformed our disaster of a closet into a useful space that actually makes putting away laundry enjoyable. Her ability to take our kitchen and closet from scattered and disorganized into functional usable spaces has improved our day to day life. If you have any space that needs organization you will not regret hiring SIMPLI it was one of the best decisions we made and only wish we had done it sooner.”
~Tammy Kaila

“Once we moved into our new home we had Newsha come help to unpack and work on our office/toy room. She is a miracle worker. She unpacked boxes upon boxes and organized, plus shopped for what we needed to make it extra special and then came back to do the labelling and final stage of organizing. It was a big job that would have taken me weeks to months because it seemed unmanageable. She gave me this super organized serene space for my kids to play, craft and for me to work on important tasks. We had Newsha come back to help with other spaces in our home to finalize the look of other areas that might need TLC. She has a good eye and was amazing to work with. I now want her back for all the important To Do’s that don’t always get done when they should. I wish I could have Newsha everyday helping me stay focused and organized!”
~Jennifer Morissette

“Hiring Newsha has simplified my life on many levels.  She has given me peace of mind and time to focus on work and family.  Newsha has a great eye for detail and is very intuitive. She assisted me with unpacking after a move and fully organized the closets, pantry and home office.  She also assists me with grocery shopping, home maintenance co-ordination and decorating ideas.  Newsha is trustworthy, punctual, kind and professional.  I now look forward to returning home from business travel knowing my kitchen will be fully stocked and the home organized for the week ahead.  Thank you Newsha!!!”
~Maria Holly

“Newsha is amazing & has a keen eye for detail. She is very helpful, reliable , efficient, kind and great to work with!”
~Alvin Lee

“I hired Newsha to come into my home and help with some tedious projects; organize garage shed, re-do pantry and organize under the bathroom sinks. These were projects I had been putting off myself for years. Newsha came over, came up with a plan and blew me away with her organizational skills, attention to detail and motivation to get things done in a timely manner. She totally re-orgnaized my home and my life! With 3 kids its hard  to get things done and she made my life much easier. It was great to come home to the before and after. I will 100% use Newsha again for upcoming projects and would refer her to anyone looking for help to simplify their lives.”
~Chantal Vignola

“As an organized person, I always hesitated on bringing someone else in to help me out. Now I’m kicking myself for not calling Newsha sooner. Here’s the thing, 90% of my closets, drawers, and cabinets make total sense — but no matter what, there was 10% of stuff that either didn’t quite fit into my plan or my hubby couldn’t follow “the system” I carefully put in place. Newsha worked her magic on our space, and a year later our nooks and crannies are still orderly.”
~Stefanie McAuley

“Newsha has been an amazing help to my professional life and personal life. She is always available and adds a personal touch to whatever she does. Her ability to get it done right the first time is commendable and appreciated, especially when time is of the essence. Newsha has organized our home, planned parties for us as well as assisted with tasks at the office. I would recommend contacting her just to talk about your life and lifestyle, she will be able to simplify and enhance it.”
~Kevin Mazzone 

“So impressed with Newsha’s ability to get a quick read on our expectations and provide great options for improving function and style in our apartment! We will definitely turn to her for future projects and never hesitate to recommend her services.”
~Heidi Percy

“I was planning a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents in Vancouver, but I am not local. Planning a party remotely can be a challenge to say the least, and Newsha was incredibly helpful in helping us perk up the space we rented. She knew to call the venue ahead of time to learn about time constraints for set-up and décor restrictions which I knew nothing about – something I had not even thought of! She coordinated perfect floral table arrangements and balloons for the room, and did the set up so when I arrived it was all done. It was so easy! Thank you Newsha!”
~Caitlyn M

“Newsha is one of the most organized people I’ve ever met – and I pride myself on being very organized! Not only can she transform a space to maximize its potential and functionality, she’s a huge asset to knock things off any To Do List. I’ve hired Newsha on several occasions when I just couldn’t get it all done and every time, she came to the rescue. Her positive “can do” attitude along with her professionalism, reliability and attention to detail always makes my life easier. If you need to get something done and just can’t find the time, Newsha and SIMPLI should be your first call.”
~Tracey Fresneda

“Newsha was a very organized and professional house manager for my husband and myself for two years. She was extremely professional and got the job done. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a house manager to shop, organize or to do anything concerning taking care of a home. She was willing and eager to work. Thank you Newsha for the time you worked for us.”
~Leslie Stimson

Newsha is efficient , effective and professional. She did a fabulous job organizing our pantry, bathroom and garage storage cupboards. I would not hesitate to call upon Newsha again. Well done Newsha!”
~Vaudene Moulton

“Newsha provided timely and professional service.   She organized packing and cleaning of our condo.  She has superior communication skills and is reliable.  She found a mover that was equally efficient and helpful. Thank you for making our move simple and easy especially during the pandemic.”
~Carlos & Joanne

“I am beyond thrilled with my newly organized desk and office. Newsha is so organized, kind and pleasant to work with. I used to feel so overwhelmed in my office area but now I open it just to take a peek and feel good in my space. My next treat will be to get Newsha into the other areas of my home.”
~Allyson Hayward

“Newsha and her team helped us un-pack when we moved into our new home. They made the whole process stress free and helped us get settled in so much faster than if we were to have done it ourselves. They un-packed and organized every room in our house and created organizing systems that not only look beautiful but are also super functional. We’ve since used her services on a regular basis. I highly recommend her!”
~Shauna Jeffries

“I would highly recommend Do It Simpli for any of your organization needs. I initially hired Newsha to spearhead our move between houses. Without her assistance we would have been lost. Newsha packed all of our items (so well that everything was organized and unscathed), hired movers and coordinated the moving day. Since then I have also hired them for personal shopping. Outstanding service!”
~David Ross

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